The Ultimate Coconut Cake 
six layers of coconut cake and coconut filling finished with coconut cream cheese icing and toasted coconut

Pumpkin Roulade
Filled with ginger mascarpone cream

Gelato and Sorbet
2 scoops of house made gelato or sorbet served in a waffle cone bowl
$6 (GF)

Butterscotch Brownie Sundae
Served with house made gelato or sorbet. Served in a waffle cone bowl
$8 (GF)

Creme Caramel
Delicate custard with melted caramel sauce
$7 (GF)

Dark Chocolate Mousse and Cashew Praline Stack 
Layers of velvety chocolate mousse and cashew praline

Dark Hot Chocolate
dark chocolate melted into steamed milk
$5 (GF)

hot chocolate with a double shot of espresso served with biscotti
$7 (GF)

GF = Gluten Free